I currently work as a systems manager and analyst.(You can see my resume here) I am responsible for overseeing the implementation of information systems and processes for the organisation, and acting as an internal consultant to the various business units. My origins as a developer allow me to have greater insight when managing technical teams and when acting as a liaison to the business and engaging with stakeholders.

I enjoy developing relationships with, and bridging the gap between technical teams and the business, and am a keen proponent of training, fostering best practice and promoting effective systems adoption within the business in order to align technology with the overall digital strategy. Effective utilisation of current information systems, and appropriate adoption of new ones is only possible when the business is aware of the benefits and capabilities of such, and my role is in large part about communicating with senior management, internal staff and colleagues in order to promote best practice, consider and identify risks, and support them in making the best technical decisions for the company.